Top Hashtags For Instagram In 2022 For Fashion And Retail Brands

January 27, 2022

Hashtags for Instagram are one of the most effective business tools for your brand, and the best part is that they’re a free tool! It’s no secret that social media is one of the driving forces behind the growth of most modern businesses, and hashtags are one of the most effective catalysts for social media success. 

As you can imagine, each business has a unique set of hashtags that’ll be successful for its brand on social media, and some hashtags are useful for all businesses within a certain industry. Let’s take a look at the top hashtags for Instagram for fashion and retail brands.

Why Are Hashtags For Instagram Important?

As we mentioned before, hashtags are one of the most effective tools to use in the process of achieving growing your audience on Instagram. This is because hashtags are used to connect accounts with potential followers. 

When you publish a post on Instagram and include hashtags in the caption, Instagram will make sure that your post is seen by users who view and interact with other posts that include similar hashtags. In other words, hashtags are a way for the Instagram algorithm to keep track of what types of content each user publishes and what types of content each user wants to see.

Thanks to this system, you can use hashtags to ensure your posts are seen by Instagram users who are interested in the kind of content that you are creating. All you have to do is make sure that you use the appropriate hashtags for each post. 

Properly using hashtags for Instagram, along with other successful social media practices, will help to give your account a major boost in popularity. So, if you’re looking to get more followers on Instagram, you need to up your hashtag game.

Top Hashtags For Instagram In 2022 For Fashion And Retail Brands

So, what are the best hashtags for fashion and retail brands to be using? Here are the top 20 hashtags for Instagram for this category of businesses:

1. #fashion

2. #fashionblogger

3. #fashionstyle

4. #fashionblog

5. #fashiongram

6. #fashionable

7. #fashionphotography

8. #fashionlover

9. #fashionaddict

10. #style

11. #styleinspo

12. #styleblogger

13. #styleinspiration

14. #stylegram

15. #styleblog

16. #styleoftheday

17. #fashioninspo

18. #fashioninsta

19. #fashiondesign

How To Use These

That’s a pretty good list of hashtags, but it might also seem a little overwhelming. How many hashtags should you use in one post? How do you know which ones to use at any given time? These are understandable questions, so let’s talk about some general tips with hashtags for Instagram. 

In any given post, you never want to use too many hashtags, or else your content will come across looking spammy, and you won’t achieve your desired growth results. There’s no magic number of hashtags, but you will probably want to aim for somewhere in the range of five to ten hashtags on any post. While you don’t want to use too many, you also do want to make sure that you have enough hashtags that they are effective in helping you grow on Instagram.

As far as knowing which hashtags to use, it’s a good idea to select a few hashtags that you will use as staples to include in most of your posts. Beyond that, we recommend that you select more specific hashtags for each of your posts to use in addition to your “staples.”

What this means is that you should select hashtags that are related to the content of each of your posts (i.e., not necessarily something from the list above). With these, you don’t want to be too specific, or you won’t have a very big target audience. And, you don’t want to be too general, or your post will get lost in a sea of similar posts with similar hashtags. 

How To Find The Best Hashtags For Instagram

Let’s talk a little more about just how to select the ideal hashtags for each of your posts. There are a few different methods that you can use to find the best hashtags for Instagram on your account. 

Use A Hashtag Generator

This method is pretty simple, and it’s very effective. Different tools work slightly differently, but with this hashtag generator, all you need to do is enter a topic or hashtag related to your post or account, and you will be given a list of the best related hashtags for Instagram.

This method of finding the best hashtags is pretty low-effort on your part, which is nice. And, once you’re given the list of hashtag suggestions, you can look through and select which ones are the best suited for the particular post you’re creating. 

See What’s Trending

You can also go to Instagram itself as a source of hashtag suggestions. By scrolling through the “Explore” tab on the app or searching for a certain topic, you can find the hashtags that are the most popular at any given time. 

To use the search feature, simply go to the search bar on the Explore page, and type in a key word related to your topic. Then, select “Tags” at the top of the search results. This will give you a list of the top, trending hashtags related to your topic. 

Scope Out Your Competitors

Finally, you can use the method that requires a little more effort on your part, but can be very effective in selecting the best hashtags for Instagram. It’s always a good idea to put in a little research and check out the competition. 

We don’t need to tell you who your competitors are - you know better than anyone which brands are most similar to yours and have the same target audience as you. If you have a little time to spare, it’s a smart idea to check out which hashtags these brands are using on their accounts, particularly on their most popular posts. 

You can take inspiration from the most popular posts of your competitors and fine-tune the list of hashtags that you’re using. 

5 Fashion And Retail Brands Killing It With Their Hashtags

Speaking of inspiration, let’s take a look at a few brands on Instagram that know how to use hashtags to their advantage. You don’t have to be a big-name brand to be on top of your hashtag game - you just need to use the tags that are best for your brand. Every business has to start somewhere, and these accounts know how to use hashtags for Instagram!

#1 @americanstyle


This is a great example of a post where the hashtags are the main event. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your hashtags separate from the rest of your caption, but this style is always good to use once in a while, too. Notice how this post uses some hashtags that indicate the account’s industry, and some that are specific to this brand. 

#2 @brantu_official

This post uses hashtags to indicate location as well as industry. Including location in your hashtags is an effective method, as it helps your brand to connect with local audiences. And, it gives your followers a unique insight as to where your brand is located, which can help your Instagram community to feel more connected with your brand.

#3 @tatianatretyak_brand

Many of the hashtags used on this post apply specifically to the clothing item being featured in the video. This is a good tool to use when advertising a specific product, as seen above. Additionally, this business uses their brand name as a hashtag, which is a popular technique among businesses on Instagram. Very few, if any, other accounts are likely to use the hashtag, #tatianatretyak on their posts - it’s unique to this brand. 

#4 @imannigeria

This post also uses hashtags to indicate the product being featured, as well as noting the brand's location through hashtags. These specific tags are paired with general hashtags, such as #fashion and #fashiondesigner, which demonstrates a good combination of unique and broad hashtags. 

#5 @puffsandfrillsuk

Finally, this post includes hashtags that zero in on the type of retail brand that owns this account. For example, the hashtags used in this post will be effective in attracting users who are interested in online shopping and boutique stores. This classifications go beyond a simple #fashion hashtag. However, the brand also uses hashtags such as #shopping and #retail - these are effective to use in giving your post a broad classification, but it’s a good idea to use them in combination with specific hashtags, as is done in this post.

Hashtags For Instagram: Fashion And Retail

Hopefully this hashtagging guide will be helpful for all of your future hashtag endeavors, whether or not you run social media for a fashion and retail account. No matter what your industry is, the same rules of hashtags usually apply. 

Just remember to use the hashtags that best fit your industry and your brand specifically - your target followers will find you and increase your engagement! And don’t be afraid to ask for a little help. Using a hashtag generator or looking at other accounts for inspiration is always an effective plan.

Good luck, and happy hashtagging!

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