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Our real story

Amateur stories are precious because they’re made by you and me, and that’s why we love them so much. They have contributed in the explosion of video content creation and sharing. As the need for video content grows, requiring more and more resources, amateur stories are fleeting.

We love stories, and that’s why we created Pictalio. Here, the best stories continue to live to be shared while meeting the growing need for different videos: these are stories made by anyone.

We wanted this service to be free because stories exist and are an available resource in a « natural state.» We only made Pictalio allow their exchange more easily.

If you think your best stories deserve to live longer than 24 hours, join the community and share your treasures for everyone’s enjoyment.

Get To Know The Team

David Brami little Memoji

David Brami

co-founder, CMO

Head music addict surfing on design, music and technology. Specializing in talent search & new ways to enlighten the dark side of the moon.

Simon Brami little Memoji

Simon Brami

co-founder, cEO

Geek & entrepreneur at the same time, pianist only to impress. Operating between building the tech core and taking wide angle stories everywhere.

Alexandre Thauvin little Memoji

Alexandre Thauvin

co-founder, Mobile ninja

Mobile lover and sport addict who can't live without music. Walking around the Earth to discover an infinite world while building his daily apps.

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