Pictalio License

  • 😎 All videos on Pictalio are free to use and royalty-free.
  • Videos can be used for commercial and non-commercial purpose.
  • ✏️ You can modify or edit the videos as you like.
  • 💡 Attribution is required and very appreciated by the authors.
  • You must credit the author's name in your post description or below the video in your article or tag the name of the author or his username in your story.
    👉 Story by Leonardo da Vinci on Pictalio

What is not permitted

  • ⛔️ Videos cannot be sold.
  • ⛔️ Videos cannot be used to replicate a similar service.
  • ⛔️ Using a video disgracefully or illegally with an identifiable person is not permitted.
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